2019 Classroom Campaign

Thank you for your kind interest and for being a part of the Escuela Caracol family.

Just by reading this text you have proved that you are already a part of our marvelous community.

Escuela Caracol is a private community based school and the first and only Waldorf school in Guatemala. This means Escuela Caracol is a Waldorf school owned by the community with no attachments or support from the local or national government.

On this video, Enrique Pérez, Escuela Caracol’s Administrative Coordinator, tells us a little about the school’s growth history and the way it has positively affected the community of Lake Atitlán.

Escuela Caracol is in San Marcos la Laguna, Sololá, on the shores of Lake Atitlán. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is located next to a mystical mountain covered by an ancient forest. You can easily listen to birds or watch small wild animals and insects at any time in every corner of our facilities.

Escuela Caracol began 12 years ago with a small group of students, and it has grown at an average of 10 new students per year.

We have now reached 100 students attending kindergarten to sixth grade (k-6 status). Besides this number, we consistently receive students for short-stays, on average 15 students each year.

During the last 12 years, we have come from welcoming all of our students in a small room, to having 6 classrooms and 4 auxiliar rooms, but the space is not enough anymore…

The number of students at Escuela Caracol is continuously increasing. We have already been forced to use auxiliary spaces like the library and some offices as classrooms while trying to accommodate our students. That’s why, in order to be able to continue offering quality education and to welcome more students in the upcoming school years, we need to find ways to facilitate more classrooms for our students.

We knew this time would come, so, two years ago we began saving funds to build new classrooms. Even though we made some important cuts and sacrifices, the amount we saved, and a kind donation made by our friends from “Freunde der Erziehungskunst” were enough to cover just the first stage of the construction. This is why we need your support and help.

We have had steady growth over the last twelve years, beginning with twelve students to having more than 100 boys and girls being holistically nurtured in our classrooms, 80% of whom are local Mayan children from the western region of Lake Atitlán.

Why now? Why not wait two more years?

The space we currently have available is not sufficient to welcome any new students and we simply cannot let this happen and deny access to quality education to children from Lake Atitlán.

Our students deserve and need a proper space to fully develop a space where they will feel comfortable and happy, and a space where they can actually focus on their nurturing process without any disruptions. 

The last classroom was built five years ago, and since then, the number of students has almost doubled.

From twelve to more than one hundred… Help us continue growing and promoting progress through education.
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Here we present our dear teacher Carmen, she will share with us a glimpse of how important it is for the children to have a proper space for their learning process.

Here, we present Maria Eugenia Contreras, Administrative Director for our School, she shares with us a simple description of the way the operations and special projects of Escuela Caracol are funded. She also shows us the part of the garden where the classrooms are going to be built.
Thank you!

So, how can you help us?

It’s simple, you can help us by:

— Covering part of the expenses of the construction (click here and send us a message describing how you would like to help us promote progress through education)

— Making a kind and generous donation here (if you are in the USA) or here (if you are in Europe),

— Sharing this information with all your friends or with someone you know that might be interested in contributing to promoting progress through education. 

You can make your donation here:

USA (through Atitlán Education Project).
Europe and rest of the world (through Freunde der Erziehungskunst)


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