Classroom campaign


The New Classroom Construction Project provided four new classrooms and an expanded kitchen to Escuela Caracol. The project was co-financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ, “Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung”) and Escuela Caracol’s international community of support. The project was prepared and supported by the Freunde der Erziehungskunst (“Friends of Waldorf Education”) in Germany, without whom the project would not have happened. Escuela Caracol is profoundly grateful to the board members of the Freunde for believing in and supporting this educational impulse in Guatemala. Special thanks are due to the following people who worked as volunteers for the project:

  •  Jürgen Bartzsch, as project manager
  • Joshua Wilson, as construction manager
  • Ryan Lindsay and Sanjivi Krishnan, as development volunteers
  • Allen Wilson, as architectural designer of the kindergarten classroom

 We also wish to acknowledge the contributions of:

  • Molly Molander, as architect of the primary grade classrooms
  • Noe Pérez, as builder of the primary grade classrooms
  • Michel Sansonnens, as builder of the kindergarten classroom and kitchen

BMZ Contribution

  • $110,000 (approximate in US$)

Below is a summary of principal donations to the New Classroom Campaign, highlighting those who made leadership donations to kick-start (and largely fulfill) the campaign. The initial goal of the New Classroom Campaign was $40,000. Escuela Caracol was blessed to surpass this goal. The additional funds raised will be directed toward further development of the facilities (landscaping, painting, etc.). Any remaining funds will be directed toward the Maya Student Fund, which supports the education of local indigenous children.

The Caracol International Community of Support Donations

  • Collin Comey Guardian Angel Fund, United States – $25,000
  • Kristin and Jim DeVoe-Talluto, United States – $10,000
  • “Bainbridge Island Friends of Escuela Caracol”, United States – $5000
  • (The Utne family network)
  • Foundation “de Zutphense HAND”, Netherlands* – $6,250
  • Peter Namuth, United States – $2000
  • General Donations (Up to $250) – $2220

TOTAL – $50,470




Below are some drawings and descriptions of our project in an early phase, before becoming a reality:


The plan for this project includes the construction of three new classrooms for the primary grades, one new kindergarten classroom, and a renovated and expanded kitchen. These additions will allow EC to serve up to 115 students within the next three years.

The three primary grade classrooms will be located on land adjacent to the school, which has been purchased by Asociación Caracol. The construction will reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability and safety for the children. We will rely heavily on local materials such as stone, adobe and wood, and local labor will also be employed. The plan for these classrooms is a hexagonal structure. Our new classrooms will also be energy efficient, with many windows to allow for natural light. The bathrooms for these classrooms will be composting toilets, just like the other bathrooms at the school.


The Kindergarten will be nestled in a protected enclave of the new property and will be largely constructed from natural materials. It will be scaled to the small child to create a sense of warmth and safety. Its organic shape will create an enlivened atmosphere to promote imaginative play and exploration, which is are essential to the young child’s development.


The Kitchen will be expanded to include more cooking and food storage space and extra sinks for washing dishes. This new space will allow us to continue to provide nourishing snacks and lunches made from local produce. It is big part of our commitment to educate the whole child. This is especially important in a community where most live below the poverty line.

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