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Karla Guadalupe Pérez Pérez

First Grade

Dominik Puzul


Lesly Guadalupe Vásquez Hernández

Second Grade

Jared Hernández Sajquiy

Third Grade

All sponsorship donations go directly to our MAYA STUDENT FUND which benefits all indigenous Maya students at Escuela Caracol. Your sponsored student is a representative of the group. These sponsorships help to cover fees, class materials, and a nutritious snack each day. As a sponsor, you will receive updates and a special gift twice a year from your sponsored child.


Community Sponsor —- $30 // month

Core Sponsor —- $85 // month

Premium Sponsor —- $120 // month

Keystone Sponsor —- $170 // month

Benefactor Sponsor —- $250 // month


Kindergarten —- $200 // month

Primary —- $330 // month

U.S. Donors Give Here

United Charitable

European or Outside US

Freunde Waldorf

Mail a Check

If you reside in the US and would like to write a check to Escuela Caracol, please make checks payable to Atitlán Education Project and mail to the US address listed in our Contact Us page. If you reside outside of the US, the Guatemalan postal system is currently not functioning – please contact us at for further details or for bank transfers.

Or Increase Your Current Scholarship

Our costs have gone up to ensure quality education and equitable wages. If you are already a monthly sponsor please consider increasing your monthly amount by $5 or $10.

2019 Proposed Functional Budget: $241,145.30









Over 80% of the students at Escuela Caracol, the first Waldorf school in Guatemala, are indigenous Maya who need the support of sponsors.

Guatemala has the lowest primary school completion rate in Central America. Only 1 in 10 completes lower secondary school. Through Waldorf education, Escuela Caracol is positioned as a change agent.

In one of the poorest regions in Guatemala, where 80% live in poverty and recovery from a 36 yearlong civil war continues, there is a great need for healing and comprehensive educational communities that will remove the residue of domination and exclusion, build an intercultural community and empower the people. These children need good education and they need confirmation of opportunity. Your partnership is vital to support this high-impact educational experience for the indigenous Maya children.