The first Waldorf School in Guatemala

Escuela Caracol is a non-profit institution, member of an international community in which we learn and grow together.

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A letter to my students

In Escuela Caracol, everything is done with love and the honest commitment of hearts dedicated to the holistic development of ...
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We recently celebrated Asociación Caracol’s last assembly of the year.

Escuela Caracol belongs to the community. All the principal decisions are taken within the Association Caracol’s assembly in which teachers, ...
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Escuela Caracol projects to the community through Waldorf Pedagogy.

Escuela Caracol’s staff of teachers had the joy of imparting a Waldorf Pedagogy Workshop to the families and members of ...
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Indigenous Maya families make up 80% of Escuela Caracol’s students, whose tuition the school funds. Although our shared language is Spanish, Mayan language Kaqchikel and Mayan Worldview elements are also a part of the curriculum here. Our students come from Lake Atitlán area and receive a free snack each day.

The education we provide has been made possible thanks to a diverse network of donors, you can become part of this kind group by sponsoring a child here.

If you give to Escuela Caracol, your partnership supports the livelihood of our committed teachers, a culturally relevant curriculum, opportunities for our students and our nutrition programme.


The realization of this documentary comes at a defining moment in the history of Escuela Caracol. Our educational community joined together in a systematization of experiences to reflect on the past seven years and identify the extent of impact that has been made.

Entrevista con la maestra Andrea Arrivillaga

At Escuela Caracol, we know that teachers foster the warm and supportive environment for our students. Andrea Arrivillaga Hurtado – a founding member of the school and lead teacher – shares her experiences at Escuela Caracol, and how it’s shaped her perspective of what it means to be a teacher. Video produced by: Tough & Rumble

Lanza una sonrisa al aire.

Las y los caracolitos de quinto y sexto primaria comparten con nosotros la canción: Lanza una sonrisa al aire.   Que lo disfrutes.

Escuela Caracol es tu regalo!

La Escuela Caracol es un jardín de infantes y una escuela primaria Waldorf en el hermoso lago de Atitlán, en las tierras altas de Guatemala. El 70% de nuestra comunidad educativa son familias mayas cuya matrícula, nutrición, instalaciones y materiales están totalmente financiados.

Annual Report

Our Annual Report 2018 is available to read and download here.

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