Documentation for Registration

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate accrediting your approval of previous educational levels
  • Assessment of entrance completed by the old teacher in case of coming from a Waldorf school
  • Photocopy of the passport of the student and his parents in case of being foreigners
  • Registration forms provided by us
  • Cancel Q.400.00 per application.

Please email the applications to

Enrollment for the 2018 school year will begin in October 2017.

School Payments


Full Year

Registration Period from january to november
  • Annual cost of Q 15,000

 Primary Grades

Full Year

Registration Period from january to november
  • Annual cost of Q 25,000


  • Second child 5%
  • Third Child 10%
  • Pay 3 months at once 2%
  • Pay 5 months at once 4%
  • Pay Full year 6%
  • For contracts of less than one year, the entire school period must be paid once.

  • For new families a deposit of one month of tuition is requested.

  • Students who retire in the middle of the year, but want to secure a place in their class when they return, must pay the full year.

  • If for any reason the student is not accepted, the Q400 of the application process will not be returned.