Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings, who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.

Our Mission

Provide holistic education to children, based on Waldorf pedagogy, promoting the feeling and the thinking integrated with the knowledge of the Ancestral Mayan Cosmovision.

Our Vision

Become an educational reference option that guides children into free, autonomous human beings capable of using their heads, hearts and hands to transform themselves and their community.

Our Name

The caracol (ka ra kól), or snail shell, carries great significance in Latin America, and especially within Maya culture. Its typical spiral formation symbolizes the integration of all life’s facets into a common whole. The caracol is a symbol of life and community that is both ancient and contemporary, functional and decorative, profound and playful. For us, it is also an emblem of learning as it represents:

A holistic and encompassing outlook that suggests continual growth and balance.
A natural progression from the center outward, presenting all subjects in their relationship to humans.
An abstract concept rooted in the concrete world, gradually progressing from the more immediate and even tactile to the more distant and intangible.
A perennial cycle of forgetting and remembering, where subjects and themes are revisited annually for a given term and expanded upon each successive year in an ascending spiral.