There are many individuals who support Escuela Caracol.

We will continue to update our website with personal stories of some of these individuals to share their personal connection with our community.


Friends of Waldorf Education

The Friends of Waldorf Education (Freunde) is an organization in Germany that secures and mediates sponsorships for worldwide Waldorf schools needing support. For over 35 years they have been able to support more than 600 Waldorf initiatives. Many of our students’ tuition is paid in part through the donations of Freunde sponsors. In order to be able to continue to do so please consider supporting Freunde’s 10% campaign so that they can continue making global impact through Waldorf education.

New Mozart School of Music

New Mozart School of Music is the largest music school in Palo Alto with an active enrollment of over 500 students. They have continued to support Escuela Caracol the past several years.

Stichting Internationaal Hulpfonds (IHF)

IHF is an organization based in the Netherlands that helps fund Waldorf education projects in more than 50 countries. They have been supporting Waldorf teacher training at Escuela Caracol for over 8 years.

Nutrition Center Konojel

Konojel means “all together” in the local Mayan language, Kaq’chikel. The Konojel Nutrition Center, known locally as “el centro de nutrición Konojel”, provides a nutritious, vegetarian meal daily to 60 of the towns’ most at-risk residents. They have been supporting Escuela Caracol for several years.