Frequently Asked Questions

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The money Escuela Caracol receives through donations or sponsorships benefits children whose families cannot afford to pay the monthly school fees, and currently Escuela Caracol subsidizes tuition for 80% of its student body. Even though not all children have found an educational sponsor yet, educational sponsorships are distributed fairly and benefit the entire school community.

You may freely choose the amount of your regular donation. Each contribution is an important help for the school. In this link you will have an orientation of suggested quantities and the impact they make.

You will periodically receive a small report about the class, including a description of your sponsored child’s progress and a recent photo.

Mail correspondence is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the life of your sponsored student and our community.

Currently, Guatemala does not have a regularly running postal system, although DHL is an option for sending items. Please be aware it will take some time (around 6-8 weeks) until any mail arrives here and we can begin a response. The language of correspondence is usually English.

Please reach out with any questions regarding your sponsored student.

In general we are looking for long-term sponsorships, since 80% of our students receive a subsidized education. However a sponsorship is not a binding contractual agreement. You therefore may cancel your contribution at any time by mail. We will inform you of course when your child is approaching graduation or no longer attends the school. We are grateful if you would decide to take on the sponsorship of another child at that time.

Definitely! You can come anytime. We think a visit here would be ideal. In most cases, a visit to the school requires some preparations. Please consider enough time to contact Escuela Caracol, schedule the visit and throughly plan for it.

Of course! Groups, classroom groups, companies, clubs, friends, families, etc., are all welcome to take over an educational sponsorship.

In the U.S. and Canada, United Charitable takes 8% of each annual transaction paid by check. If you pay monthly with a credit card, United Charitable takes 11%.

In Europe, Freunde forwards all donations at 100% to us. Not a single cent will be lost. They will give you the possibility of a donation (a percentage that you decide) towards their work.

In you live in another country, please contact our administration by clicking here.

Yes, your donation is indeed tax deductible.

In the U.S. we are a 501c(3) under Atitlan Education Project, sponsored by United Charitable. In Europe Freunde manages the deductions.

At the beginning of each year they will send you the donation receipt for the previous year.