Parent Participation

Waldorf schools around the world have demonstrated the crucial importance and numerous benefits of sustained parent involvement. Building a vibrant, forward thinking, and sustainable educational communities depends on the support of the parents. The education of our children cannot be left solely to others. Parents are the first teachers and most significant adults in children’s lives. Our actions form the attitudes and outlook toward learning that our children will carry throughout their lives.

At Escuela Caracol parent participation is essential to the health and growth of our school and plays an important role in creating a community of support for children, teachers and parents.

There are many ways for parents to contribute and find ways to get involved that are aligned with their interests. Taking a genuine interest in your child’s school life, learning and embracing the principles of Waldorf education, supporting students´ enthusiasm and efforts in their school work, volunteering in various ways and participating in the many community social events will have a profound and lasting impact in the lives of our students. All contributions are important. What is crucial is that we do participate.