Nicolás Sacach Mendoza

Facilities & Grounds Coordinator (May 12, 2007 – January 18, 2012)

Nicolas worked at Escuela Caracol from its founding in 2007 until his death on January 18, 2012. He had been managing this property for eleven years. He grew and harvested coffee and corn. He was born in San Marcos La Laguna, where he his survived by his his wife and five children. He enjoyed fishing and swimming from his kayak with his sons. He left behind a remarkable imprint on Escuela Caracol; some of these projects include: all of the flowers and fruit trees, the animals and their pens, the winding stone pathways, the stone walls and cane fencing, the playground areas, the soccer field, a spiral stone labyrinth, the construction of two classrooms including tile mosaic work and an assortment of wooden furniture, the office, two composting toilets, the kitchen, two storage bodegas, and the night watchman’s room, where he slept for the past year. He loved to create, whether with stone, earth or watercolor paints.

Teresa Sancoy Sacach

Head Cook

Teresa has been working at Escuela Caracol since its founding in 2007. She was born in San Marcos La Laguna and comes from a family of seven, three brothers and one sister! She has two children, one of whom attended school throughout elementary school.
Teresa enjoys embroidering, practicing sports, and taking care of our nutrition.