Escuela Caracol related links

Waldorf/Steiner Sites

Waldorf or Steiner is the name given to schools based on the pedagogy of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner founded the first such school in Germany in 1919, called the Free Waldorf School. Currently there are some 900 Waldorf schools in over 80 countries. Follow the links below to learn more about Waldorf education.

Friends of Escuela Caracol

  • Chesterbrook Elementary School (McLean, Virginia, USA) — partner school with Escuela Caracol.
  • Friends of Waldorf Education in Germany (FreundederErziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners) — organization that supports Waldorf education internationally.
  • Washington Waldorf School (Bethesda, Maryland, USA) — Waldorf school that has been very supportive of Escuela Caracol.
  • New Mozart School of Music (Palo Alto, California, USA) — this music school provides sponsorships at Escuela Caracol.
  • New World Villages — based out of Washington, this nonprofit helps support educational initiatives in Latin America.
  • Jamie Moffett — a good friend of Escuela Caracol who also provides web hosting and technical support for the school.
  • Starfish One by OneStarfish is dedicated to the education and empowerment of young women – unlocking a new generation of leaders.
  • Emerson Waldorf School – (Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA) – Waldorf school that is very supportive of Escuela Caracol.

Lake Atitlán & San Marcos Sites

  • La Cambalacha — A permanent creativity workshop located next-door to Escuela Caracol.
  • Pura Vida Atitlán — An environmental project that addresses issues soil, water and air contamination and its prevention. Strong advocate for stuffed plastic bottle construction.
  • The Calacirya Foundation — Works locally with a focus on stove projects and sustainable building (helped to build our composting toilets).
  • Aaculaax — A distinctive hotel in San Marcos constructed with eclectic artistry and eco-friendly building practices.
  • Atitlan Solutions Real Estate — Real estate agency that works out of Panajachel with many properties around the lake.
  • Nutrition Center Konojel

Sites related to Guatemala

  • UNESCO — Education statistics for Guatemala.
  • UNICEF — General statistics for Guatemala.