The typical model of governance in Waldorf schools is for teachers to provide the principal voice on how the school is run. Our Council of Teachers has been and continues to be the principal body for guiding the art of education and the well-being of the school community.

As the school has grown, however, the need has grown for dedicated staff to manage the school, coordinate among its various areas, and make a host of decisions without the need for a meeting of the Council of Teachers. Our new structure continues to be led by the Council of Teachers. In addition, the Council delegates authority to three directors (or “sub-directors”) who are each responsible for a given area of school life. These three areas, which come out of our work with Rudolf Steiner’s threefold society, are the Pedagogy, the Administration, and Development. Each area has its own autonomy, while also coordinating with the other two areas when necessary. Each director is entrusted with leading his/her area for the overall well-being of the school and ultimately reports to the Council of Teachers.

Joshua Wilson


Joshua was born in Alabama, USA, and holds a BA in Sociology and Religious Studies, and a Waldorf High School Teaching credential from Rudolf Steiner College. In the USA, he has experience teaching at the secondary level, as well as many years of experience in university administration. Along with his wife, Courtney, Joshua led the founding of Escuela Caracol in 2007, and since that time has taught throughout the primary grades while also working in administration and fundraising. Joshua has three children, and in his free time enjoys playing the guitar, singing, hiking, writing poetry and reading.

Maria Eugenia Contreras

Administrative and Financial Director

Maria Eugenia was born in Guatemala City and moved to Lake Atitlán after accepting work at Caracol School in January 2016. She has been instrumental in helping keep the school running smoothly! He lives in San Marcos La Laguna with his small family. She is currently the president and legal representative of Caracol Association. Enjoy the lake, nature and watch children grow up happy.

Enrique Joaquin Pérez

Administrative Coordinator

Enrique lives with his parents, three brothers and three sisters, including Sandra, the assistant kindergarten teacher. He studied Business Administration in San Pedro. He is also the vice president of our association. He likes to listen to music, read books, walk and swim.