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Our Goal: $50,000

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Donate using the link above. Please visit our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages and share our story and campaign! These private donations is what sustains our school. All money raised from this campaign will go towards the 2019 school year, which begins this January! 

$20.00 ensures that each child has clean drinking water daily.

$3,600.00 pays for one year of tuition and meals for one student.

Any amount given helps secure this educational opportunity for our students.


With the support of Christine Shin and the New Mozart School, all donations received on Giving Tuesday, November 27th, will be matched up to $2,500!  The New Mozart School is the largest music school in Palo Alto, California, offering unparalleled music lesson experiences to their students and families in the Silicon Valley. Founder Christine Shin has been a steadfast supporter of Escuela Caracol for the past decade. After visiting Escuela Caracol for the first time in 2008, she saw how creative expression was celebrated and encouraged in our children. We're are deeply thankful for her generosity!

We believe that through education we can plant the seed of transformation in one of the most vulnerable places in Guatemala. Escuela Caracol is the first Waldorf school in Guatemala. It facilitates K-6 education to children in San Marcos La Laguna in Lake Atitlán. Some important statistics to consider:
  • Education statistics have improved in the past several years, but even still only 62% of Guatemalan children make it to the sixth grade (UNICEF).
  • The western highlands of Guatemala, where Escuela Caracol is located, is one of the poorest regions in Guatemala, with 80% living in poverty and 25% living in extreme poverty.
  • 90% of our students are indigenous Mayan children from the lake.
  • 80% of them students have the opportunity to study at Escuela Caracol thanks to our scholarship programs made possible by private donations from generous individuals and institutions in the U.S. and Europe.

“A Day in the Life…”

As part of this campaign, we will be sharing a video with the theme  “A Day in the Life.” We hope to bring the magic of our school to life by giving you glimpses of what a day is like here at Escuela Caracol for a student and/or teacher of every grade. This week we hear from second grader, Pablo, and his teacher Emiliana. As Pablo moves through the Waldorf curriculum, this year he is much more aware of his surroundings. He is becoming more attuned to language and emotions as his intellect is awakened through creative expression. All videos can be found in our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure!










Over 85% of the students at Escuela Caracol, the first Waldorf school in Guatemala, are indigenous Maya who need the support of sponsors.

Guatemala has the lowest primary school completion rate in Central America. Only 1 in 10 completes lower secondary school. Through Waldorf education, Escuela Caracol is positioned as a change agent.

In one of the poorest regions in Guatemala, where 80% live in poverty and recovery from a 36 yearlong civil war continues, there is a great need for healing and comprehensive educational communities that will remove the residue of domination and exclusion, build an intercultural community and empower the people. These children need good education and they need confirmation of opportunity. Your partnership is vital to support this high-impact educational experience for the indigenous Maya children.

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