The “jocote” is flowering again.

Mother Nature has its own ways of letting us know when the time to be reborn has come. 
Our beautiful “jocote” trees are flowering again, getting ready for the red, yellow and crown mombin harvest that will happen a few months from now.  

These delicious fruits will accompany our community during the “Jocote Festival” in October.

New Classrooms Grand Opening Event


We are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of our new classrooms.

We have organized several activities, such as music, food, Festival del Jocote and kite flight.

The event will be covered by the national media.

Come and share with us this special moment!

  • Date: Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 – from 9:00 AM on
  • Location: Escuela Caracol, Barrio 3, San Marcos La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala