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A letter to my students

In Escuela Caracol, everything is done with love and the honest commitment of hearts dedicated to the holistic development of our students and our community. Today we want to share this letter, written by Carmen María Alvarado Benítez, a teacher who accompanied our recently graduated sixth primary group for the last few years.

Escuela Caracol projects to the community through Waldorf Pedagogy.

Escuela Caracol’s staff of teachers had the joy of imparting a Waldorf Pedagogy Workshop to the families and members of the community of San Juan La Laguna. While the parents were participating in a presentation about the pedagogical approach, their children were enjoying a demonstrative class imparted by the Escuela Caracol’s team of teachers. The […]

The Snail’s Mural, walking he goes…

This has been a different and difficult, but very special year. It has given us the chance to learn to cherish some simple things that usually go unnoticed; The warmth of the company, the children’s energy in the classroom, the constant smiles, and the not always so welcomed mischiefs… Anyway, we didn’t want such a […]

kite-making workshop for the community

  A few weeks ago, our staff of teachers offered two kite-making workshops to the children from the families that were evacuated after a landslide that affected our town. The activity took place at the municipal shelter and was promoted by the community committee in charge of veiling for the wellbeing of the damaged people. […]

An Old Friend Lends a Hand, Again

In a time of great challenge for the Escuela Caracol and San Marcos community, a dear old friend of the school has emerged to offer assistance.  Ryan Lindsay, an incredible human being that, many years ago, spent a few months as a volunteer at our school, working with our founders to raise money to build […]

Cacao Ceremony, ancestral tradition of the Mayan people.

On Thursday, August 26, Escuela Caracol’s staff gathered to celebrate a “Cacao Ceremony” were we shared a special moment and meditated about Escuela Caracol’s current situation and future. Interculturality is one of the main pillars of what we, as an institution, use as a base to nurture our students and community. Mayan Cacao Ceremonies come […]

Transcending as a community.

When difficult times arrive, the survival instinct surfaces. It becomes hard to think and act for the others; thinking and doing facing the future becomes a challenging task since the future seems inexistent, and being alive becomes the only priority. This primitive reaction, almost unaware, that takes us to our primal nature, guides us at […]

Breath, adapt.

This situation highlights many of the things that we must improve as humanity, but also reaffirms much of the good work we have done.