Learning to weave

Since the beginning of this school year, kindergarten students basically made short-term projects, just one or two weeks per project. Children needed a long-term project, a challenge where they could develop their will, their concentration and their skills. This project was the perfect one at this stage of their learning process.

As can be seen in the photos, the little ones (3-5 years old) were devoted to weave according to their age and capabilities, while students ages 5 and 6 produced beautiful looms that require a little more dedication.

One thing is certain: our children enjoyed learning!

Tuesday gardening in Kindergarten

Tuesday is the day when our kindergarten little students learn gardening, and according to our philosophy, they do it in the best possible: experiencing it.

The gardening class is a very important time of the week . Besides being part of the learning process, small live and feel Mother Earth. Under the guidance of their teachers and assisted by Shad Qudsi, from Atitlan Organics, the children discover that their hands are a valuable tool; they have fun while they learn and above all they create a deep connection with the planet.

Kinder students live all stages of gardening. They clean and prepare the soil, plant, water the plants, place the mulch, observe the growth, harvest, use the compost to keep creating fertilizer from organic waste …

Static images, at this age, do not help much. Young children need to experience things for themselves. Also, a very important part of this process is learning to take care of lives growing and developing before their eyes, for they themselves are growing and developing as planetary beings.

The photos below show the process of soil preparation and planting of peppermint, comfrey, yarrow and sweet mint, plants that our little ones use to make delicious herbal teas.