Desks and chairs for our new classroom!

Escuela Caracol keeps a symbiotic relationship with its community, this supportive network has made many of the current achievements possible.

Hellen Dorff and her family during their visit in 2018.

In August of 2018, Hellen Dorff came along with her husband and daughters to visit our school. They brought a huge box of delicious fruit for our students and spent a few minutes walking the gardens and chatting with some of the school’s staff and teachers.

A connection was naturally built; Hellen, a Waldorf teacher back in Germany, felt identified with Escuela Caracol’s mission. Soon after the visit, Hellen sent the link to an article she published at a local newspaper where she mentioned her experience in Escuela Caracol. A few weeks later, she organized a fundraiser with her community on behalf of Escuela Caracol, they gathered enough funds to donate a whole set of classroom chairs and desks to be used in our new building.

During November’s last week, a representative of Hellen came to San Marcos la Laguna. He was Max Hesse, Hellen’s cousin and owner of the workshop where the donated desks and chairs were constructed. On that beautiful morning, Max came along with his family to deliver a wonderful and priceless donation, desks and chairs to be used in our new classroom.

Max Hesse and his family during the delivery of the donation.

Families, like the Dorff’s, are one of the main pillars of our community, and thanks to kind donations like this, Escuela Caracol can continue nurturing heads, hearts, and hands of Mayan children from the western region of Lake Atitlan within an environment of dignity, love, and respect.

If you, like Hellen and her family, are interested in becoming part of our community and support Escuela Caracol, follow the link below and donate now.

Intercultural Education Workshop with Genaro Vásquez


Genaro Vasquez, a speaker and workshop leader on issues including intercultural education, agro-ecological sustainability and indigenous movements recently led a workshop at Escuela Caracol on Intercultural Education. This event was led in a participatory style and attracted teachers from other local schools to learn along with Escuela Caracol’s teachers, parents and guests from our community. Our time together allowed for a strengthening of our foundation to ensure continued impact in intercultural equity.

Originally from the rural community of Tlahuitoltepec Mixe, Oaxaca, Mexico, Mr. Vasquez graduated in Agro-ecology Engineering from the Universidad Autónoma of Chapingo in 2009 and subsequently completed a Masters degree in Agro-ecology and Sustainability at the University of Cordoba Spain. He recently completed an MA in Research and Development of Education at the Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico. He is co-founder and partner of the Higher Institute Intercultural Ayuuk, Oaxaca Mixe area where activities have focused on the accompanying processes of intercultural education and agro-ecological farming.

Thanks to Genaro Vasquez for his support and for moving us towards a real, consistent and efficient intercultural education for our entire educational community. We hope that he will honor us with a visit again!