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as part of the 13th-anniversary celebrations, we held three memorable dialogues, having, as guests, some of the beautiful people that had crucial roles in building this wonderful project.

Oxlajuj, thirteen years nurturing heads, hearts, and hands.

This year, Escuela Caracol celebrates its thirteenth anniversary. Having coincided with the current moment humanity is going through cannot be seen as a bad omen, this has to bee seen as a foresight addressing to our beloved school’s transformation, walking towards times of growth and of great light, in which Mayan boys and girls from the western region of the Guatemalan highlands will continue to receive the tools to grow and develop holistically in an environment of love and respect, to become, as they grow, beacons of light for their communities, for their people, and for humanity.

Celebrating our 7th Anniversary

The 20th of June was a very special day for Escuela Caracol, It was our 7th anniversary! Celebrating another birthday is truly magical for us. Escuela Caracol is a dream come true for our entire school community, seeing it fulfilled every new year reflects the enormous effort and devotion in our daily work. Offering San Marcos La Laguna this excellent educational opportunity fulfills a community need for nurturing, arts-integrated, multi-sensory, intercultural education. It is with great joy and satisfaction that we continue to work towards increasing access to this education.

Our celebration brought together students, teachers, members of the school team, families and many other people who accompanied us on this fantastic celebration. We started the day with a meeting in our palapa, where students delighted the audience with their art. The palapa was filled with music and dance, as you can see in the gallery we share at the end of this article.

After that we held a raffle. Members of our community donated prizes, and this year they really surprised us! A few of the prizes were accommodations in some of Lake Atitlán’s most beautiful hotels, breakfasts and lunches in local restaurants, handicraft materials, honey, clothing, cakes, hours of internet, massages. The money raised through the raffle will support our important daily work. The continued success of Escuela Caracol depends almost entirely on the contributions of our donors and sponsors. We deeply thank all of the people who contributed, for they made possible this amazing activity.

Students in grade six participated in an exercise of courage and valor by jumping over the bonfire, a symbolic annual tradition offered to the graduating class. As they jump they ask for desires to be fulfilled in their future. This moment is a very special one and marks a farewell to our grade six students.

Students and their families also shared game time in front of our new classroom building, newly built with the support of donors and sponsors who strongly believe in our educational project. The students especially loved seeing their families and teachers laugh and play with them enjoying the party as if they had themselves returned to childhood.

Following game time everyone enjoyed a feast that was made possible through the contributions of all of the families. Each family brought food and helped serve and clean. Escuela Caracol is a team that involves families in the educational process of their children and conveys values ​​that enrich the development of the students, the families and the San Marcos community.

Many thanks to all who joined us, which made it possible to enjoy together as a community!