Oxlajuj is the representation of the movement of the universe and the cosmos.

   In the Mayan cosmovision, the Oxlajuj represents the 13 positions and the 13 powers of the Sun in an ascending form; The Maya Cholqui’j calendar, one of the most accurate in the history of humanity, is made up of 13 months of 20 days each, the facts previously exposed briefly illustrates the importance of the number 13 for our ancestral culture.

For the cosmovision, 13 represents change, transformation, evolution, ascension, spiritual journeys, messages from other planes, dreams, and signs; this is the number of the transformation. Within Anthroposophy, 13 represents the last step before starting the third septennium, in which our school will dive into the adolescence, running into the adult age as an institution and as an almost autonomous being, arising as a motor for the development fo the intellect and all the human qualities of a borderless community.

This year, Escuela Caracol celebrates its thirteenth anniversary. Having coincided with the current moment humanity is going through cannot be seen as a bad omen, this has to bee seen as a foresight addressing to our beloved school’s transformation, walking towards times of growth and of great light, in which Mayan boys and girls from the western region of the Guatemalan highlands will continue to receive the tools to grow and develop holistically in an environment of love and respect, to become, as they grow, beacons of light for their communities, for their people, and for humanity.

Happy 13th anniversary, Escuela Caracol.