Teaching fractions in fourth grade.

Waldorf Pedagogy aims at integrally nurturing its students according to the development stages they are passing through; these stages are divided into septenniums matching with physiological, psychological, and mood changes. The fourth-grade group is currently passing through the second septennium. Some of the students are still on an authority confronting stage, the rest already passed […]

Hike to the Rock & Other Activities

While our local river still flows from the rains, the classes are making hikes back in the valley to explore the river. Here you see the class 3-4 at the “roca grande”, also called the “elephant rock” sometimes. It is one enormous rock the size of a house with waterfalls on both sides. Other photos here include the class 3-4 visiting the Museum Tzunun Ya’ in San Pedro La Laguna, where they learned about our local volcanoes and ancient Mayan culture.