Waldorf Pedagogy aims at integrally nurturing its students according to the development stages they are passing through; these stages are divided into septenniums matching with physiological, psychological, and mood changes.

The fourth-grade group is currently passing through the second septennium. Some of the students are still on an authority confronting stage, the rest already passed through this and began with a small resting period, showing more interest in new subjects. 

Overall, boys and girls are on a stage where they look for new knowings and ways to express. They are focussing on doing their jobs in a good way and on being proud of their performance.

Fractions are a very important subject in fourth-grade, they include academic teachings that will help develop the intellect, and ethic teachings, like justice; both are basic tools we provide to our students looking for them to holistically develop as human beings.

To live fractions as an integral experience teaches that things can be shared and leaves a very important message about justice. When you share, a healthy moral feeling of community and unity arises.

Escuela Caracol’s fourth-graders are currently studying their math block; In the classroom, fractions are presented in two ways, a conceptual and a practical way, in both ways, blackboard drawings are an indispensable tool.

We can see a beautiful tree drawn on their blackboard representing the units, each of its branches representing a fraction.

One way to encourage students into practicing fractions is to use objects that are regularly divided, such as cakes, bread, or pizza; these were the subjects of study for this particular lesson.

We deeply appreciate the collaboration of the classroom¡s parents who provided this delicious plates that made of this experience more fun and unforgettable.

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