In Waldorf pedagogy, The “Building Block” responds to children between 9 and 10 as they look for trust in the world since there is where the “I- World” polarity resides. During this phase, children need to know how houses are constructed and realize that the blueprint is the representation of the architect’s imagination; this experience transcends both the spiritual and the mental dimensions.

The main objective of this block is for each of the students to create the house of their dreams. When the cycle began, we wanted to live this experiment through a full-scale construction project in which the students could have full contact with the earth, the measurements, among other subjects. This experience wasn’t possible due to the current pandemic situation, so we decided to have the experience through the construction of a scale model. It became an exciting experience for the students to share their dreams or the way they perceive the way things will be when they grow old.

Since we held this block in a “remote” way, we shared online videos showing the housing evolution along with history, and each of the phases of the construction process.

Witnessing the thrill and dedication of each of the students, as they go through this project, has been very satisfying for the students, their parents, and myself, as the titular group teacher.