A few weeks ago, our staff of teachers offered two kite-making workshops to the children from the families that were evacuated after a landslide that affected our town. The activity took place at the municipal shelter and was promoted by the community committee in charge of veiling for the wellbeing of the damaged people.

This coverage was recently published by Telediario -a popular Guatemalan news broadcaster- after they visited San Marcos la Laguna looking to share the current situation of our town.

We want to share with our friends and community that some of the information exposed in this video is inaccurate: The building where the shelter was installed is the “Escuela Nacional Pedro Molina” and all the activities held in that place were organized and promoted by a committee formed by members of the community. Escuela Caracol supported the project by providing two kite-making workshops, and one of our teachers, Carmen Alvarado, who is also a Psychologist and Anthropologist, gave counseling to the members of the community who required it.

This situation led the members of our community, regardless of their backgrounds or origins, to work together with one premise, overcoming these difficult times together.
-The tragedy-
On October 6, a boulder fell from a mountain next to San Marcos La Laguna’s “Barrio I” destroying many buildings and leaving many deceased and injured people. Almost half of the town’s population had to evacuate their houses due to the risk of more rocks sliding and damaging the remaining standing buildings. We are proud and deeply moved by the response of our community.
Gracias, Community of Marcos la Laguna, for your energy and efforts towards the wellbeing of our brothers and sisters.