This has been a different and difficult, but very special year. It has given us the chance to learn to cherish some simple things that usually go unnoticed; The warmth of the company, the children’s energy in the classroom, the constant smiles, and the not always so welcomed mischiefs… Anyway, we didn’t want such a peculiar year to end in such a boring and plain way as an “end of school-cycle notification”, and we wanted to receive our children, next year, with a special gift.

San Marcos la Laguna has many small roads and trails, the one that passes in front of our school is beautiful and special, completely surrounded by nature (if you use your imagination, you could perfectly see some tiny elves and at least a few lively fairies flying around). The wall between the trail and Escuela Caracol is made of rocks, and we thought it would be a wonderful idea to transform it into a mural that could complement the magic of its nature and shapes.

What to paint?
A small snail, that just like our students, and their families goes up and down the trail, carrying everything he needs to learn playing and to play learning. Thanks to the Colombian singer-songwriter, Marta Gómez, we achieved our goal of painting this small gift to our community.

This is a gift to our students, to their families, and to all our community.

Watch the whole video to learn more about the meaning and to listen to this beautiful song “Caminando vá” (walking he goes), sung by our staff of teachers.