Escuela Caracol belongs to the community. All the principal decisions are taken within the Association Caracol’s assembly in which teachers, staff, families, and friends reunite and discuss the direction our school will take in the future.And so, Escuela Caracol, instead of working vertically, works following a horizontal structure, for which, even when we can see some hierarchies on the daily activities, every member lyes on the same level. At the assemblies, we will also address other projects the Asociación Caracol might be currently planning or handling for the benefit of the community.Last Monday, we had the last regular assembly of the year, in which we evaluated the current cycle and what we expect from the year to come..It is always marvelous to witness how, regardless of the current situation, Association Caracol grows strong with each and every meeting, becoming more representative of the western Atitlan’s region community.</p>