Fairy Tales:

Fairy tales are one of the preferred activities of kindergarten students, they are told four times, students participate in all of them in different ways. Teacher Sandra Pérez says: “The principal objective of this activity is to nurture children’s imagination and to socialize new words within their vocabulary”, Students grow and gain self-security during the process.

On week one, the teacher tells the story in an oral way; on week two, the tale is told with help of puppets handled by the teacher; on week three, teacher tells the story and the students handle the puppets, on week four, the tale is told using the theatre resource, students play the parts assigned by the teacher, who narrates the story while children act. Parts assignment is decided by the teacher, who analyzes the section they are studying and each of the students special needs.

The tales are chosen according to the section being studied and the groups special needs at the moment.

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