Psicology students from Rafael Landivar University visit Escuela Caracol

On June, the 27th, we had the visit of a group of psychology students from Rafael Landivar University, they came escorted by Msc. Fabiola Hurtado, Coordinator of the Landivarian Center of Psychology (Centro Landivariano de Psicología).

Within their visit, they had a tour on our school, observed the pedagogical process on classrooms and received a conference where they learned about Waldorf pedagogy, the importance of the first two septenniums in human development, and an exposition of students handworks.

The main subject of interest studied during the visit was how alternative ways of education can avoid learning issues, frustration and learning rejection from students.

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  1. Conosco la actividad de la Universidad Rafael Landívar por mi hermana. Ella obtuvo a escribir sobre ‘El hombre nuevo en psicologia y el Nuevo Testamento’ por su licentiatura.

    ¡Que acualidad! Lo estudiamos hasta nuestros días …
    Hartmut Reuter


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