Last Saturday, February the 22nd, took place the Harvest Festival, a cultural activity where a good bit of the San Marcos La Laguna’s community and the tourist’s population gather to enjoy a journey packed with music, culture, and fun times.

Our staff had the chore of welcoming all the attendants and receiving the donations at the gate; all along the journey, our team had shifts assigned were we shared very special moments and information about the labor Escuela Caracol is doing to benefit the community through education. We also were represented by our dear teachers Carmen, Diego, and Nacho, as they guided a series of activities and games, usually used in our classrooms, with the youngest assistants of the festival. 

This year’s edition had Escuela Caracol as one of the main beneficiaries. 

We deeply treasure the constant support of the festival’s heads, Tim Reher and Osnat Rafaeli, towards our school, and the honest concern and actions they constantly manifest for the wellbeing of our dear community.