Waldorf Pedagogy and Social Distancing

How has Waldorf pedagogy adapted to Social Distancing? Can we continue calling ourselves Teachers during these times of implementation of distancing between students and tutors? “The study of men” is a text written by Rudolf Steiner as the fundament for Waldorf Education, this text gathers 14 conferences from which he guides the practicing teachers and […]

Painted rocks along the way.

Our team of tutors has remained in constant training and activity since the restrictions started. They gather in groups to study, take care of the gardens, or to get ready for that priceless moment we are waiting, when we will finally have our students back in the classrooms. Our teachers have painted these rocks as […]

Pedagogy and Multiculturality

Recently, three of our dear teachers participated of an interview for the “Prensa de Occidente” regional newspaper, in which they were invited to share their experience with subjects such as pedagogy and multiculturality.

This is our home.

It has been thirteen years since Escuela Caracol opened its gates and began working. It all started with seven students and some teachers working with the kindergarten and primary groups. It was nothing but an office, two classrooms, a kitchen, and a lot of green space as a recreational space. As time went by, more […]

Building the house of our dreams:

Witnessing the thrill and dedication of each of the students, as they go through this project, has been very satisfying for the students, their parents, and myself, as the titular group teacher.

A virtual worldwide community.

as part of the 13th-anniversary celebrations, we held three memorable dialogues, having, as guests, some of the beautiful people that had crucial roles in building this wonderful project.

Oxlajuj, thirteen years nurturing heads, hearts, and hands.

This year, Escuela Caracol celebrates its thirteenth anniversary. Having coincided with the current moment humanity is going through cannot be seen as a bad omen, this has to bee seen as a foresight addressing to our beloved school’s transformation, walking towards times of growth and of great light, in which Mayan boys and girls from the western region of the Guatemalan highlands will continue to receive the tools to grow and develop holistically in an environment of love and respect, to become, as they grow, beacons of light for their communities, for their people, and for humanity.

The love for our Caracolitos will keep us together.

We cannot let the current circumstances tear us apart and break with the affection, love, and trust that we have built within the classrooms. Our kindergarten teachers have been very aware of their Caracolitos, the role they have taken now focuses on accompanying the parents. Teacher Sandra Pérez tells us in a short text, how […]

Escuela Caracol does not sleep.

The gardens and paths of the School are impatiently waiting for the return of our Caracolitos and Caracolitas, the silence, even though it has been of great pleasure for our wild friends, is not something that the soul of our school enjoys. The gardens and pathways have been in constant repair; We will all see […]

Every challenge has a solution

“To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.” R. Steiner. Moving between towns around the lake has turned out to be a very difficult task since the measures to prevent Covid-19 from spreading in the region began. Even though the official command […]