We cannot let the current circumstances tear us apart and break with the affection, love, and trust that we have built within the classrooms.

Our kindergarten teachers have been very aware of their Caracolitos, the role they have taken now focuses on accompanying the parents.

Teacher Sandra Pérez tells us in a short text, how the relationship between the youngest students of our school and their teachers have continued developing:

The emotion of the boys and girls when seeing and talking with their teachers is of pure happiness. Upon receiving the call, they talk about what they have done at home lately: taking care of the gardens, caring for the house’s animals, and helping mom and dad with other chores.

In some children, shyness appears when they see or listen to their teacher, it is at this moment that we ask mom or dad about what is going on, they, in most of the cases answer the same, the Caracolitos are missing Escuela Caracol, their classmates, and their teachers. Some parents also thank us for being aware of what is happening with their children and for guiding them with activities to do with the children.

We have tried to continue as planned. Recently we sent the tale “La Semillita” in audio * and text to all our students; the parents, kindly read the story and sang the songs to the Caracolitos.

A question has been constantly being heard in our student’s homes: Mom, Dad, when will we return to Escuela Caracol?

We want to thank our families for the support and interest in continuing with the nurturing of their little ones following the recommendations and guidelines of Waldorf Pedagogy in the best way possible.

* Listen to “La Semillita” told by our beloved Sandra Pérez, Kindergarten teacher and Technical Director of Escuela Caracol.