“Love starts when we push aside our ego and make room for someone else.” R. Steiner

These times have been difficult for everyone in the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected, some way or the other, each of the activities carried out by all of us. These are strange times, but as difficult as they might get, they have also brought out some of the best of most of the human beings.

During recent times, the sensitivity, that we would have to see as a norm, decreased due to circumstances such as the rhythm of life and technological isolation. Now we can see it again, showing the light that can emanate from humanity; expressions of solidarity and empathy have become a constant. 

From the first days of the restrictions, the main concern for Escuela Caracol has been the safety of our students and their families, as well as finding ways to continue with the pedagogical process of our Caracolitos while respecting and following the precepts given by Waldorf Pedagogy, keeping the personalized accompaniment of each of our students.

Another concern came up soon after: could Escuela Caracol survive the financial crisis?

We were aware of the global situation, we knew perfectly well that our families would not be able to make their contributions as they used to and that many of our international sponsors would see their finances hit by unemployment issues or a decrease in their income due to the impact on local economies of the pandemic.

This is why, after considering the dangers and reviewing the finances, the Board of Asociación Caracol decided to launch a call to our friends around the world with the sole purpose of Letting Escuela Caracol overcome these challenging times. The response was wonderful, friends from all over the world puy hands at work, and thanks to their help, Escuela Caracol received several extraordinary donations, to date, for the equivalent of $ 15,070.82.

We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts to each of you who replied to our request for help and made an extraordinary donation to benefit our beloved school and, above all, our beloved Caracolitos. We know that these times are being difficult for everyone, which makes each of these contributions much more valuable than what they represent in numbers.