Kim D’Angelo is a person who has earned a very important place in the heart of Escuela Caracol. She is a Spanish teacher at the Emerson Waldorf School in North Carolina, Year after year she organizes a trip with students from various Waldorf Schools from the United States to visit our school, Kim is also an unofficial ambassador of our School, sharing information to students and parents in their community whenever she can.

A few months ago we received an email from Kim, in which he told us about one of her students, Niki Chan, who promoted a beautiful pottery project from which all the earnings were destined to support Escuela Caracol.

Next, we want to share with you an e_mail Mr. Henry Chan, Niki’s father, sent to Kim.

Hi Senora D’Angelo!

Thank you so much for being the advocate for such an important Waldorf school for Guatemala and that region.  You have planted the seed in Niki’s heart to help ever since the Spanish Market at the Gazebo a few years ago and various lessons and school activities.

Ikumi and I are so touched by Niki’s serving heart and generosity to contribute his work to supporting that school’s need in order to provide Waldorf education to so many children.  I wrote up a little summary, feel free to share or paraphrase.

Throughout the Summer of 2019, Niki worked as a junior mentor at the summer camps at Sarah’s House of Clay, each weekday from 9am to 3pm, often stayed longer.  Niki has used over 90 pounds of clay to craft dozens of exquisite pottery items, from mugs and bowls to plates and pitchers, as well as other creative yet practical items like wall switch plates and sponge holders.  

Thanks to our generous Emerson Waldorf families and community, Niki was able to sell 22 items at the 8th Grade Bingo Night and throughout January for this cause.  Niki donated 100% of the sales proceeds to enable Escuela Caracol to continue its offering of Waldorf education to the Atitlan region.  We just went through their donation site (very easy to use, their donation microsite is secured) and made a one-time donation amount of $539 tonight.

Have a blessed weekend!


Thanks, Niky and Kim!!!