A Magical Shelter

As part of this year’s first block, third graders learned about using and building shelters in the wild.

Using materials gathered in the gardens, our Caracolitos built two shelters with branches, flowers and leaves they found on the trails of our school.

Having their teachers guide as a reference, our students built the structures to fit a few students inside.

As a special detail, boys and girls decorated their shelters with flowers and leaves, giving the structures a more warm and homelike feeling.

The stories the gardening teacher, Santiago, told them about the way bees and ants work, gave them inspiration to work as a team.

Our Caracolitos had a great time while learning about construction and basic survival techniques. Now and for a few weeks on, third grade students will have a small place that can become a fortress, a castle, a house or a school, where all their dreams can become real through the game.