Cuernavaca 2019, Waldorf Pedagogical journeys

As an important part of the permanent pedagogical training, our dear Diego, Emiliana, and Santiago went to Cuernavaca, Mexico, to be part of the annual Waldorf formation journeys.

These courses are imparted once a year. Teachers from all over the continent gather during July to share, learn, and grow as tutors.

All the staff of teachers is in constant training. Our mid-term goal is to have all of our staff formed by local Mayan teachers with completed Waldorf training.

The first Waldorf teacher from our school in culminating the training in Cuernavaca was our dearest Andrea Arrivillaga, and our very own Maribel Mendoza Sancoy, kindergartens lead teacher, is the worlds first Mayan teacher in completing the Waldorf training.

This highly beneficial opportunity to our community and our “Caracolitos” is possible thanks to the kind support of our friends from IFH.