Kindergarten’s first adventure outside the school

As a part of the children formation, our kindergarten students take weekly walks on the school gardens. These walks are really useful when developing social skills, will, physical abilities, observation capabilities, among many others.

Along with some of the student’s mothers, our kindergarten students had their year’s first walk outside the school.

Teacher Sandra’s group visited the home of two of our beloved caracolitos, Bjorn and Bertril, they all had an amazing picnic and playtime at the gardens of the Pineda family’s house. Teacher Maribel’s group went on a walk on the mountain’s forest behind the school, they had the chance to observe lots of beautiful plants and animals they found on their way.

They all had incredible times that can be reflected on the way the happily apply what they experienced to their playtime activities.

We continue giving our best effort to give our children the tools to become integral human beings by nurturing their heads, hearts, and hands.

Photos by teacher Sandra Pérez