Movimiento Caracol 2019, so happy together!

Last March the 30th we celebrated the third edition of Movimiento Caracol, an activity that gathered students, teachers, families, and friends on the same place and for the same reason, build community and support the scholarships program of Escuela Caracol.

Everything began at 8 am when teachers and some volunteers got together at the town’s “Concha Acustica” to get everything ready for what was going to happen that same day during the afternoon.

Soundchecks, a huge sign, electricity, tables, fire lamps, and joy flooded the whole area, everyone seemed eager to give their best effort to make this “Movimiento Caracol” an event to remember.

The show began at 2 pm, the first number of the program had our Caracolitos as stars, whom along with their teachers, they presented a beautiful choreography as a gift to everyone attending (you can see a small video of this on our facebook fan page), after that, the whole thing ran smoothly, music, circus, magic, clowning, our raffle and the auction of three amazing paintings made by our Gardening teacher, Santiago; our pedagogical advisor, Gloria Elena; and one painted on location during the activity by our beloved friend Rolando.

All the families got organized to bring delicious dishes: pulique, fried chicken, chuchitos, vegan pizza, cakes, popcorn, drinks, hamburgers, tamales, and many many other delightful meals.

The raffle gave incredible prizes; stayings at fancy hotels, organic products, clothing, and many more. All of them were donated by kind friends that disinterestedly gave us all of this with nothing on their minds but to help the school.

In the end, between the raffle, the food, the auction and donations we managed to get more than Q15,000.00, surpassing the goal set by Q3000.00, this was possible thanks to the help and support of the whole community. All the funds gathered went directly to the school’s sponsorships program.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts to all artists that gave us his time and talent; all the families that, filled with enthusiasm, collaborated with their work and delicious dishes, Municipalidad of San Marcos la Laguna for letting us use the “Concha Acustica” and its surroundings, and to the teachers and school’s personnel for giving all this hard work for Escuela Caracol, our second home.