Pizza & fractions

One of the most ussual comments among children attending school is about how difficult or boring maths can be. Surprise! That’s not the case at all at Escuela Caracol. Continue reading and you’ll see why we can assure this.

Our fourth graders are a group of wild kids, they all love running, climbing on trees, treasure hunting on the garden, we’ll, you can complete the image. They are anything but quiet, silent, boring children.

This grade is currently studying Fractions on their math block. You may ask, how could a teacher keep a group like that interested in such a difficult subject? Easy, by making and doing while learning. 

As one of their final exercises they cooked two pizzas with the main goal of learning fractions while having a good time. They didn’t even notice the moment where they learned to make the toughest operations for someone their age. As they where mixing the ingredients, slicing the red peppers, or cutting the pizza slizes they where in fact learning math, this was explained during and after the activities by teacher Nacho.

On this activities they have the chance of learning more than just a subject, they can develop will, concentration, social skills, cooking, math; and the best part of it is that they have great times that keeps them interested on the subjects and happy to return to school the day after.