2019, Escuela Caracol’s Theatre Season.

This year’s theatre season was amazing!

Last November, our elementary groups had their theatre season, where each of the students had the chance to show off all their artistic talents. Singing, dancing, and acting were a delight for our community.

Teachers, parents and friends got together to assist the students and watch the plays.

We traveled through time together, being able to witness some funny stories about Greece, Odin and Thor, Saint Francis, Rome, and a touching Storie about how the world is the home of all of us.

Have fun watching the pictures.***

***Want to help us continue nurturing minds, hearts, and hands through Waldorf pedagogy? We have as a mission to give children from Lake Atitlán the chance to experience an alternative to the traditional way of learning, where they can feel respected and loved, so they become fully developed and aware human beings.

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