Martinmas -the Night of Lamps-.

In the last week of November, Escuela Caracol celebrated the Martinmas, a traditional activity held in all Waldorf schools around the world that consists of a walk with lanterns to finish with a gathering within the school’s facilities.

This is not only the last activity held with our students during the year, but it is also an opportunity to build our community and the sense of pertinence.

The walk began on the bridge just before the entrance of the trail that takes to the school, families, friends, and students got together and lit their lamps to begin the walk, as they did this, they chanted songs of the season. The walk ended on the Palapa, where the teachers already had the advent spiral ready to receive the lights.

– The essence of the holiday—marking the end of the rainy season and the advent of the cold weather—reminds us that through all of life’s outward changes we maintain within us the warm light of our spirit.

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”32″ display=”basic_thumbnail” thumbnail_crop=”0″]Martinmas dates back to the Middle Ages and the veneration of St. Martin, a 4th-century bishop who founded an abbey in Tours, France. Martin was a Roman horse soldier who converted to Christianity; according to legend, one wintry day he encountered a shivering beggar and cut his cloak in half to give the poor man warmth. That night, Martin had a vision of Jesus wearing Martin’s divided red cloak. Martin is now the patron saint of tailors, as well as that of France. – (

In Escuela Caracol, Martinmas marks the end of the school year and the beginning of the holiday period.

We invite you to read this lovely post written by our friend Pau from, where he describes the way he and his family experienced this journey:

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