A glimpse into grades 2 and 3 classroom

Escuela Carcol, Guatemala

Here is a glimpse into Andrea Arrivillaga Hurtado’s Grades 2, 3 classroom, where most of the students rely on help from sponsors:

The 2014 school year was wonderful! We started the year with 19 children, a group that was very happy to see each other again, eager to learn, work, sing and play. Our first block of study was a language arts block using classic fables and form drawing. At the end of the first block we performed a class play “The Wake of Uncle Tiger”, from the oral tradition of South America. While the children memorized the play we also worked with the written language. The children enjoyed a lot throughout the creation of this play, it was very fun and rewarding!

Over the summer we had another exciting block we worked hard on: money. We took a field trip to the Nature Reserve across the lake in Panajachel (for some students it was their first time ever leaving their home village) where we brought math problems to life in our experiences and worked with real money. The last week of classes before the “mid-year break” we had a very enriching visit with volunteers from the Emerson Waldorf School in North Carolina, U.S.. These high school students led our children in numerous fun and artistic workshops and they also spent time painting and building new infrastructure at the school. It was a very big year with much learned in language arts, math, music and art.