Anderson and his radishes.

Anderson is a kid born and raised in San Marcos la Laguna, currently on third grade. Usually, you can see him running, jumping, playing ball or chatting with his friends but you will never see him still and focused on a quiet chore. 

A few days ago he came running into the office all thrilled and excited, something incredible had happened: the seeds he had sown on the school’s orchard one month ago grew and became delicious radishes. He wanted to share his joy with everyone and to have some pictures taken to be shared through the school’s social media. 

We are so lucky to have a magical place like Escuela Caracol, a place where children learn from doing and making and have the chance to express freely. 

During the journeys at the garden and the orchard, children learn from nature and grow a deep relation with their environment, finding by themselves, following the guidance of teachers and tutors, the tools to become conscious and kind human beings.