Cafe Caracol 2015: A Meeting Place For Our Educational Community


Café Caracol is a space fot meeting in which our educational community, in a relaxed atmosphere, meet to delve into some of the most important issues taking place in Escuela Caracol. While last year it helped us to continue our process of systematization of experiences (and the production of our documentary), this year we wanted Cafe Caracol to help us deepen some of the educational principles of Waldorf education, making them accessible to all families in a simple and entertaining way.

Available in this edition of Cafe Caracol, and directed by our teachers, subjects were:

  • The first and second 7-year periods
  • The value of play
  • The holistic teaching of mathematics
  • Teacher training

We also had the honor of receiving a class of Euritmia by Wendalyn Von Meyenfeldt, teacher of preschool and fantastic Waldorf eurythmist, who took advantage of this event to share this wonderful discipline with the families.

Coffee, of course, was delicious!