Wendalyn von Meyenfeldt brings Eurythmy to Escuela Caracol


Escuela Caracol has had the great honor of receiving for several weeks Eurythmy teacher Wendalyn von Meyenfeldt, who is visiting us from the Vancouver Waldorf School. During this time, teacher Wendalyn has worked directly with school staff, families and children. It is with great joy and excitement that we share this letter that she wrote for us. Thank you very much for blessing us with your presence, teacher!

There are many beautiful flowers growing on the shores and hillsides of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I don’t know the names of many of them, but I do know one beautiful ‘flower‘, and that is Escuela Caracol.

I am a Eurythmy (movement) teacher at the Vancouver Waldorf School in Vancouver, Canada, and I have just spent three weeks as a ‘guest teacher’ at this unique and wonderful school. The teachers and administrators at Escuela Caracol are all dedicated and loving gardeners, helping the school to flourish and grow. They have planted and cultivated seeds of learning, healing, nourishment and hope in the hearts of their young charges and in the community.

I am very impressed by the school’s vision and achievements, and the fine quality of the teaching here. It takes much effort and commitment, consciousness and care to ‘grow‘ an intercultural school in Guatemala. Escuela Caracol is a rare and unique ‘flower’ indeed!

In my weeks at the school, I perceived much love and intention in the carrying of the school. I know that the children at Escuela Caracol can blossom here like flowers. One day, the winds of life will carry them to bring seeds of vision, healing and hope to the Earth.