Easter Celebration


On April 10, 12 Ajpu in the Sacred Calendar Cholq’ij, Escuela Caracol celebrated Easter.

Previously, the team met to find a proper way to celebrate Easter adjusting it to the cultural conditions of the Maya people and at the same time responding to the depth of Easter in a Waldorf school. That was how the seed was chosen as the image of resurrection, as a passage from death to life.

The Ajq’ij (mayan spiritual guide) Tata Isaias Mendoza was invited to conduct an offering to the sacred fire. The whole school gathered around our Mayan Altar. Once the seeds of white, black and red beans were blessed through this ceremony, each grade made a planting. Child by child, all were depositing the seeds in the fertile soil produced in our compost.

At the end of the celebration our two kindergarten classrooms visited the older students, fifth and sixth grade; students in third and fourth received the first and second grades. All the team, including administrative staff, also met with them in the classrooms to share this time together. Chocolate and bread were delicious!

On this day Ajpu, representing the sun, we celebrated with joy the safety and encourage this energy provides.