Hunting Easter eggs

There are special seasons that, for their pedagogical value, deserve to be celebrated. That’s the case with the Easter, a season that represents the beginning of a new cycle, how something ends and can start from scratch.

On the morning of the 23d of April, all of our students got a special surprise from their teachers, they prepared, the day before, a pack of Easter eggs for their students to hunt.

While everyone was at their own classrooms, our dear Enrique hid all the eggs on the garden so all the children could go straight to look for them once the lunch break came.

Faces of joy and excitement filled the gardens of our school once the first eggs started showing up, the frenzy invaded trails and plant-beds while all the children revolved leaves and branches on the look for such delicious treasures.

What a nice experiences for everyone at school to see children laughing and enjoying this tradition.