We don’t need to leave the classroom to travel.

Our sixth-grade students are currently studying geography. They have been traveling through South America with the guidance of Diego, their teacher, he has taken them to know the traditions, political organization, geography, touristic spots and landmarks, nature, among other quite important information.

The lesson begins when Diego, aided with the blackboard and chalk illustrations, tells the students general information about the country being studied on that specific date. They continue by copying all the elements presented on the blackboard into their notebooks, these will become their guide-books to study and review what has been studied in the classroom. After finishing copying, a discussion on the subject happens, at this time, the students have the chance to tell their own experiences or thoughts regarding the subject studied.

It could be resumed like this: first they get the input on a new subject by listening to their teacher and watching the blackboard arts, second: they copy the illustrations and texts made by the teacher on the blackboard, third: they discuss the subject and make the new information acquired part of their own living experience.

This is how teachers get students to really learn and comprehend their classroom subjects, keeping the students interested and eager to learn more.