San Marcos la Laguna’s town parade

Every year between the end of April and the first days of May, San Marcos la Laguna celebrates the festivity of “San Marcos Evangelista”. These times are packed with tradition, music, food, fireworks, pageants, parades and an overwhelming sense of joy among the community. 

Escuela Caracol is constantly looking for ways to bond and participate in activities promoted by the community, whether they are institutional or purely traditional; That’s the case with the annual Town’s parade, where our school is always invited to walk the streets of San Marcos la Laguna together with all of the local public educational institutes.

We got together early in the morning at the school facilities to represent, later that day, our beloved school on the parade. 

Some of our students wore their most beautiful and picturesque traditional clothing, the rest wore their colorful Escuela Caracol’s t-shirts, all of them carried their most pure and beautiful smile. Parents, students, siblings, teachers, staff, and friends walked proudly all over town.

The parade concluded at the public basketball court, where the San Marco’s Mayor gave a speech accompanied by the Elderlies Council and other authorities.

It’s always such a pleasant feeling to see all the members of the Caracol family sharing and having such good times together. This sort of activities lets our students share their uniqueness with the community and project Escuela Caracol’s spirit outside our facilities walls.