First Grade Flutes Delivery Act:

Every year something special happens in the first-grade classroom, the “flute delivery act” takes place. This is a ceremony where the music teacher delivers the flute to each of the students, setting up the path to learning how to play a melodic instrument.

Everything began a few days before when the teacher told a story about a magic flute to the first-grade students, this was the preparation for the “flute delivery act”. Within the tale, the teacher described the importance of the musical instrument and the way the students should behave when playing the flute and how they should take care of it.

The flute delivery represents one of the most important moments for the first-grade students for its deeper meaning: having an instrument under their responsibility means they are no longer little children and are ready now to perform much more difficult and demanding tasks.

The faces of joy and illusion showed by each of them can do nothing but to enrich the will to serve and to continue nurturing heads, hearts, and hands of the children from the western region of Lake Atitlán.