This is for you!

It has been twelve years already since this journey began. It feels like a dream when you realize how many stories have been told and how many lives have been affected positively since this project began, back then, in a small room, and fueled by nothing but a bunch of children playing while their parents were chatting about ways to change the world.

Back then, the group of students was formed by less than twelve kids, most of them from different cultures. Now, the body of students is formed by more than one hundred children where 85% of them come from local Mayan families from the towns of the western side of Lake Atitlan, who are benefited by the scholarships program that lets them access to quality education on the first and only Waldorf School in Guatemala.

We don’t know if anyone thought Escuela Caracol was going to grow as fast as it did, but we are sure that it was built driven by love, with the premise of doing as much as possible to promote positive changes in the lives of children from Lake Atitlan.


We remember where does Escuela Caracol comes from, and know where it is heading. What we must never forget is that it is thanks to the dreamers that founded this marvelous project that we have a trail to follow, that will lead us to continue nurturing heads, hearts, and hands of children for many years to come.



Today, we have only one word for them, the ones that gave birth to Escuela Caracol, and for all of you, the ones keeping this dream alive: