Twelve years nurturing heads, hearts, and hands of children.

Recently, we celebrated the twelfth anniversary of Escuela Caracol.

It was a fun journey that began with a Mayan Ceremony and was followed by amazing presentations from our students; the Rally, where families participated; the lunchtime, where we shared a delicious “tamal de arroz”; and the cake.

Teachers Sandra and Emiliana were the hostesses of the show. Teacher Maribel told a brief version of the school’s history.

The students gave us an unforgettable show, where all of them, from kindergarten to sixth grade, sang and danced. All the teachers did a great job coordinating each of the acts. All of the presentations were beautiful, although, the number held by teacher Diego and the first and second-grade students, “Mi Escuela Caracol”, was one of the highlights of the show, as it involved all the parents and guests of the celebration.

We all had a delicious “Tamal de arroz”. After this, we got together to sing the “happy birthday” to our school, to be followed by eating the cake.

We also had a raffle that left an income of Q1125.00. We want to show our appreciation to everyone who donated the gifts that were used as the prizes, and to all the people who bought the raffle numbers. every contribution, big or small, is deeply appreciated. All the funds gathered on this specific activity went directly to the healthy snacks program that benefits all of our students.

It was incredible and satisfying to see how the intercultural characteristic of Escuela Caracol is getting established on each of the families of our School. We had guests from many countries, from Guatemala city and from all the towns on the western side of Lake Atitlán, all of them shared and had great times together.

It’s so inspiring to see how the community is learning to follow our “Caracolitos” when it comes to accepting, sharing, and respecting every one, no matter their origin or culture.

We also had one of the most important moments of the year for our sixth graders, as they had their first courage test where they had to jump above a fire to prove themselves ready to face the challenges that are approaching as we get closer to the end of the school year.